Starting DAOSS Ltd

I was very unlucky earlier this year to be let go from my admin job at a local publishing company in Ashby-de-la-Zouch, after their Managing Director, and my boss, unfortunately passed away with a heart attack. The business was run by a family who have now lost their father, and I will always be grateful to them for the chance they gave me in the first place, and then sticking with me for a large portion of the Covid-19 crisis. Naturally, the crisis was causing financial difficulties, and they had no choice but to let me go. I hope they are still running and I would always be a loyal customer to them in the future. But now, I was lost with what to do, with very few businesses hiring admin staff due to the crisis, I was left jobless and with no income.

I started applying for basic work, lower pay, lower skilled, just to get something, but with no luck after a few weeks, I was down to my final £12 of change in my jar in my bedroom. We won’t discuss how much was in my bank account – Hint, it was less than nothing. My parents offered to transfer my money to me digitally, and then I was able to use the £12 to start my own company.

DAOSS was born, and the last few weeks have been spent getting everything up and running. I was already working on a website for a local company so it made perfect sense to start them as my first customer and start the business off with a little bit of capital from there.

Starting a company had a few small hurdles to overcome before we could get started. The name was probably the hardest part, and I think now that I have said it enough, I’m happy with it, but I was still unsure. I wanted something fun and interesting, but I feel that DAOSS is professional and to the point. It describes exactly what kind of business we are, and what we do. I toyed with a couple more silly names like Jamassist, a merging of my first name and ‘assist’, sort of sounding like Genesis, since this was my first business, but none of them really rolled off the tongue enough. I also wanted the business to come across as a professional service, and I think using the initialism definitely works for that.

So, the business is started, we have a name, and I have set up the website too. All we need now is customers!

Watch this space!

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