Data Entry

Data Entry is a task that is needed in most office based companies on a regular basis. But it is one that often get’s left by the way side in favour of other admin, as, only when it’s done, does it make the company any money. This of course means company’s often hire temps and other additional members of staff in order to complete large Data Entry tasks, which involves heavy admin costs of training, adding to various IT Systems, setting the new member of staff up with the right equipment and more. At DAOSS, we aim to offer a data entry service that is both competively prices, as well as professional and secure. Data is a precious asset to a company and getting it right the first time is paramount. 

Competitively Priced

From only £10p/h

We charge a £50 set-up cost, which includes analysis of the work that needs to be done and any software that needs to be used for the duration of the task. Then we only charge £10 per hour after that. 

We believe that makes us cheaper than hiring a temporary worker, or another staff member. 

Safe & Secure

We pride ourselves on security, when it comes to other company’s data.. We will make sure that any transfers are made securely or even physically if possible. Data is only stored for the duration of the contract and then removed from our systems so DAOSS never stores any data after we have completed the task. We also make sure all handling data are trustworthy and checked. When working with the data it is backed up and stored remotely, so the data cannot be lost, and any physical data is destroyed upon completion. 

Fast & Accurate

Data has to be accurate in order for it to be useful. Poor Data in, means Poor Outcomes. So at DAOSS we make sure that every inputted piece of data is checked and triple-checked to make sure that the data we are entering is useful to our customer. We also aim to be as fast as possible, but without losing the quality service that you will receive from DAOSS. 

Range of Programs

Most Companies use Excel or a Database in order to store their data. We are proficient in both of those mediums and will be able to easily begin with minimal set-up or time lost. We are also willing to input into any piece of software that you use, provided that you can provide DAOSS with a licence to use the software.