Our Services

Website Design & Development

We offer modern and professional web design for any business. From local high street shops, to international and global businesses. Powered by WordPress, we can design to your specification in an attractive and easily usable style. With a variety of themes, images and animations to really make your website stand out from others. Click the button below for more specific details.

Data Entry Tasks

Data entry is a huge part of a business. The more reliable and accurate your data is, the better your business will run. However, it is also a task that often get's left until it is needed, and then rushed at the last minute. We will enter all of your data quickly and accurately in the program of your choice. Not task is too big or too small and we can even provide advice and support for entering data in the future, such as providing forms to make it more simple.

Social Media

Social Media is basically free marketing. Businesses that don't utilise Facebook, Twitter and other outlets are missing out on a large customer base. We will work with you to create your online presence, utilising these free marketing tools to grow your business. This includes search engine optimisation, which is how highly your website ranks on google searches, a hugely important advantage for any business. We also offer full management of your accounts, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Document Creation

Creating customer documentation and templates for your company is a good way of streamlining various areas of your business in order to make it more efficient and easily connected to the other areas of your business. We offer the creation of Excel documents utilising formulae, pivot tables and macros to enable your business to run faster. We can also produce Word templates and other documents.

Graphic & AV Projects

One of the areas we have extensive experience in is in Audio & Visual projects. This ranges from image manipulation to creating videos and adverts. This service goes well with the social media management as we can create original images, animations and graphics for your social media outlets.

Bespoke Projects

We also offer a bespoke project service. This is for clients who would like something a little more custom and built for them. It could be anything from Building a Customer Database, to creating custom leaflets for your business. This service is for all the jobs that you don't have time to do, but still need done. We will write content for your blog or news page, or give you advice on what software and hardware to use. Really, anything IT related that you don't have the time or resources to do, we will do for you. Please get in touch using the button below, which will take you to our online enquiries form.