Social Media Management

Why Use Social Media?

Social Media is free marketing, and we believe any company that isn’t getting involved with this is missing out considerably. It can be the difference between getting customers and not getting them. DAOSS has experience managing a number of social media accounts on several different platforms. Detailed below is why each of them is important and what we can do for your business using these accounts.

Why use Facebook?
Facebook is one of the most powerful tools for small local businesses these days. Often you will find that if you don’t have a Facebook page with a couple of posts on it, your online traffic will be very low. Facebook is an easy solution to get your target market and traffic in your local area straight to you.

Google loves Facebook
Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, is hugely important for getting your business to the top of google searches, not only for your company name, but also ahead of your rivals when searching for your company type, area and target market. Google automatically pushes facebook higher than other non-SEO friendly content, because of the websites’ overall traffic. Therefore, your facebook page will often be much higher than your competitors. 

Easily integrated
Facebook can easily be linked to your website, and if you want to go down the route of paid for ads, they are by far the best value for money and the most effective. 

Why let DAOSS manage your Facebook page?

Our staff have experience in running many Facebook accounts in the past, and they understands how vital it is for a local business to have a Facebook page that responds quickly and keeps updated. At DAOSS, we can set you up with a functional page, and keep posting on it with relevant or entertaining content, depending on your business. This will keep the traffic flowing and allow you to get your name out there more and more. 
We also only charge a small monthly fee, and offer a contract that you can cancel at anytime should you stop seeing result, or need to spend money elsewhere. 

Prices start from £20 per month.

Why use Twitter?

Twitter and Facebook are very different entities, but can be used in similar ways to maximise your coverage online. Whilst Facebook is perfect for local businesses and interacting with customers, Twitter is broader and suits companies that are usually much larger and have a further reach. Twitter interacts directly with the audience in many places, if you focus on what trends, and who to follow. 

Drive traffic to your Website

Twitter, if you do it correctly, allows your content to stand out on someone’s feed and that will direct traffic to your website. By allowing your posts to grow as your audience interact with them. Your audience spread your content. It’s that simple. (You can also speed this up with ads.)

Why let DAOSS manage your Twitter feed?

At DAOSS we understand what approach is needed for Twitter, and can work with your company to try and include your style and personal stamp on your account. Sometimes it is important to have less relevant posts, that simply attract people to your page, and other times hitting the trend on the head with relevant content is the best way to work. In short, DAOSS can help your company read the twitter world, and get your content to the right people at the right time.

Our contracts offer to run your account on your behalf, and can be cancelled at anytime, if you stop seeing results and growth, or any other reason. 

Prices start from £15 per month.

Other Social Media!

We also can help with other forms of social media, from setting up accounts to the day-to-day running of this account. Other services include:

– Instagram 
– Google Advertising
– Google “My Business”
– Linked In
– Reddit
– and many More.

Send and email to if you would like to discuss these other social media outlets.